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How do you get certified to teach group fitness classes?

Most people that go to the gym know that most gym have group fitness classes like pilates, cardio kickboxing, step aerobics, yoga, etc. In order to teach these group fitness classes does one have to pass some sort of exam or certification? And are you certified to teach all the classes or just one type like step aerobics?

Posted by radioactive_babywipes
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Organizations like ACSM offer certifications in many different areas. Some are specific and others more general. I have an ACSM Health and Fitness Instructor certification. Yes, I did have to pass a very lengthy exam and practical to obtain this certification. ACSM in nationally recognized and can get beginners into a fitness club. Some gyms offer specific classes for getting certified. The YMCA that I attend offers aerobic class trainer certifications twice a year, along with others like Pilate's, water aerobics, etc. I also have a B.S. In Exercise Science. This four year degree allowed me to learn and practice many of the important strategies, techniques and knowledge that is required to be a great personal trainer.
Here are a few sites to look into:

Exercise, Health Studies and Personal Training?

I am going to study for that qualification and will try to get some experience in that area. All my life i was in any kind of sport, but didn't think about it as a serious profession, so have my business studies diploma and work in the office. Finally i thought it's time to do what i really would love to, but thinking about the physical pressure i will have to undertake :) Would like to know some opinions if it was difficult to start teaching and work as a fitness intructor and personal trainer? Is that a profession you would concider as your career? :)

Posted by julietta
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Yes, it is a job that can become a career. First you have to get personal trainer certified. Choose a certification company that has NOCA. Thats a big deal. Out of all the certification companies I think IFPA is the best. Its a very practical certification. You can attend a workshop that comes with whatever package you buy.

If fitness is what you love, I would really recommend becoming a trainer. It is a rewarding career. You are constantly helping people change their life. I don;t think there is any pressure, physical or mental. You are training the clients better themselves. Its a great feeling. My client just hit the 55pound mark the other day. I was just as proud as she was.

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